Steps For Getting Rules of Survival on Windows PC

Rules of Survival is an impressively designed deathmatch game that has gained large scale popularity in a very short period. This is a battle royale game that boasts of 230 million followers. Like any other battle royale game, this game is consists of an 8 by 8-kilometre map that can be explored by the player base. The game allows 300 players to compete against one another to survive the attacks by the opponents and emerge as the last man standing.


Getting Rules of Survival on Mac

The versatility of the game can be attributed to the number of weapons that are available to players. You can choose between machine guns, snipers and semi-automatic rifles. These can be found scattered in different places on the map, encouraging players to explore the map and gain access to any kind of weapon they are more accustomed to using.

The game has several other features that make Rules of Survival stand out from the rest of the battle royale games on the internet. The game allows players to modify their characters to enjoy the gameplay even more. The players can gain zombie status, infrared scan and a super body. The game works on a revive system that allows users to re-enter the battlefield after being fatally wounded. Not only this, the map shrinks at a constant pace that makes the game more exciting and makes the game more explosive.


The game has a flexible construction mode that allows players to build different structures and equipment from different materials found during the game. This provides the game with another layer and makes the game more engaging than most games in this genre.

Several features make this game a great choice for players who want to engage in planning, exploring and combatting at the same time.

The game does not lack much in terms of graphics, details and gameplay; but Rules of Survival is designed for mobile systems which means that it can only be played on small screens as opposed to that of a PC . To play this game on a larger screen you need to use an emulator.

There are several reliable options when you are looking for an emulator for a PC. Bluestacks is a great emulator and so is Koplayer and Nox App Player.

To use Bluestacks to play Rules of Survival on your PC, you can follow the instructions given below to ensure you can enjoy playing the game to the fullest-

Getting Rules of Survival on your PC

  • Start by downloading BlueStacks on your PC using the given download button.


  • Now, you have to install BlueStacks.
  • Once it is installed, log in to Google account through the interface.
  • If you have no Google play store account, create a new one to access all apps in the Google Play Store.
  • After you logged in, search for ‘Rules of Survival’ in Google Play Store.
  • Select the most appropriate game and click on the Install button.
  • Once the game is installed, go back to the main screen of BlueStacks.
  • Click on the game icon to open it.
  • Now, your game is on your PC to enjoy.

So, get it today to gain excellent gaming experience on the large screen of your PC.