Best Weapons Guide for Rules of Survival Gameplay

Rules of Survival is a battle royale game that involves several players in the battle to make their survival till the end and be the last one standing on the battlefield. But only one can survive after killing all the enemies, so in this case, the battle becomes more challenging when each player has one aim in their mind.


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Also, there is no battle without weapons, so Rules of Survival gameplay offers a variety of powerful weapons which you need to be collected to make a strong battle.

Here, we have gathered some weapons in Rules of Survival gameplay along with their purpose.

Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles are highly powerful hitting firearms having the ability to kill the enemy with good range. Some of them include

  • M4A1 – This assault rifle is widely used and can easily deal with all the attachments and is not much effective at long ranges.


  • AR15 – It has two optional firing modes and can easily be found on several locations on the map.
  • ACR – In Fjord map, AR15 is replaced by ACR and is considered as much better in terms of recoil.
  • QBZ – This assault rifle has lower damage, but its higher fire rate and stability balance everything.
  • AKM – This weapon has high damage and can be found in various locations on the map. It is a little difficult to control if used in a single shot using a scope.


Though the range of shotguns is relatively very low, you can use it effectively in close-quarters battle. Some of the shotguns in Rules of Survival include:


  • M1887 – This shotgun has high damage and less accuracy and is capable of holding two shells at one time.
  • M870 – This shotgun has relatively low damage and is effective to hold 5 shells simultaneously; you can fit it with shotgun bullet loop and choke.
  • WRO – This shotgun needs to reload after each fire and is capable of dealing with heavy damage. It gives a pretty good outcome with the longest range and mid-range.

Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifles are the weapons with the ability to deal great amounts of damage. It has long range and is equipped with a sight making it easier to aim your target. Some of Sniper rifles include:

  • SVD – It is a semi-auto sniper rifle that comes with a holographic sight and is capable to deal heavy damage.
  • AWM – It is a bolt-action sniper rifle that has high damage and is equipped with 4X scope.
  • M110 – It is another bolt-action sniper rifle which is available with 4X scope. When in Fearless Fjord map, AWM is replaced with M110.

Sub-machine Guns

These guns are close-range weapons having relatively low damage, high fire rate, and low recoil. It is an effective weapon in close range combat. Some of these include:

  • PP19 – It is a Russian sub-machine gun.
  • MP7 – It is a German sub-machine gun.
  • P90 – It is a Bulgarian sub-machine gun with the highest fire rate.
  • Vector – It is an American sub-machine gun, and is also known as Kiss Vector.


Melee Weapons

These weapons are very effective in reducing visual audio signals and increase firearm speed. Some of these include:

  • Damascus Knife – This weapon has comparatively faster swing speed than other melee weapons.
  • Crow bar – This weapon has the highest damage as compared to other melee weapons.
  • Rubber Chicken – This most effective melee weapon gives faster movement speed and is also capable of deflecting bullets when hit.