Best Similar Battle Royale Games Like Rules of Survival

Battle royale games have been gaining immense popularity in the past few years. Several such games have caught the attention of many gamers worldwide due to their versatile nature that promotes strategy, planning and engage in combat. One such game is Rules of Survival which has garnered over 230 million followers within a short period.


In case you want to play Rules of Survival on bigger screen, here is the way to get Rules of Survival on your PC (Windows) and Mac.

Set on an 8 by 8-kilometre piece of land, the game contains several different types of weapons that are scattered throughout the map. The different types of guns that are available to the players are assault rifles, pistols and machine guns. Several different vehicles are placed throughout the landscape as well, aiding the player to get from one place to another faster.

The game has a great number of features that are unique to this game in particular. Unlike other battle royale games, Rules of Survival has a construction mode that allows players to use materials and broken parts of structures to build equipment that will be useful to them in combat.

They can also obtain several special powers that adds another layer to the gameplay. Players can gain superbody, infrared vision and zombie status.

Several battle royale style games come close to giving the user the same experience as rules of survival. Here are some of them-

Rules of Survival Alternatives

Apex Legends

Apex legends is a free game that consists of different types of powerful legends each with their unique abilities and skills. These legends can be teamed up together to ensure that you make the best of their abilities and can combine them to form a lethal team. You can master your Legend’s ability and make strategic call and use the strengths of each character to your advantage as you compete with 60 opponents to emerge victorious.

Last Man Standing

This is an ultimate survival shooter game where the players continuously outgun one another in a dynamic warzone. There are several different types of weapons to choose from. The game has a collection of shotguns, SMGs, assault rifles and sniper rifles along with a dozen weapon attachments that enhance its performance the weapons can also be customised to better suit your requirements. Several vanity kits are available to players and can be used to level up in the game when used correctly.



The game comes packed with weapons and equipment making it more interesting than all the other battle royale games that are available to players. There are over forty different types of weapons and there are twenty vehicles to aid the commute from one point to another. This game explores a war ridden place with modern units, machines, vehicles and environment. These elements come together to form an elaborate story and intriguing game.

Go ahead and try these games today to feel like you are playing a game that is at par with Rules of these games today!