Are you the one who is eager to play battle games? Or Are you the one who wants to have a good time playing along with your friends along in a group and becoming the only Crowned king at the end by surviving the attacks and different strategies of the enemies at the end. Then here it is! The right choice for you to choose the game of all ages known as ‘RULES OF SURVIVAL’. As the name suggests, it is the type of game in which you must survive if you follow the rules. If you don’t follow the rules, all your efforts would go in vain. The last man to stand alone would be the winner.


Rules of Survival's logoRules of survival is the game inspired by the most renowned game of all times which is known as PLAYERS GROUND BATTLEFIELD, shortly known as PUBG. The difference between these two games is that in rules of survival, the total number of players in a single game is 300 and out of 300 players, you have to show your ability and the power to survive till the end and make the most of it and become the winner and win the title of the Champion at the end. That would not only make you a champion but would also unleash many surprise packages for you to level up. In order to level up, you must complete certain missions and by completing those missions you would get trained and know the very basics of the game which you cannot discover if you do not play this game on your own.

The match played in the rules of survival is very similar to all other battle royale games in which you are dropped down from a plane using a parachute. In this game too, you use a parachute to land in the spot of your choice among the other opponents too. It is very important to choose the place of landing as that would decide the percentage chances of your survival at the end. If you land in a place where there is a huge crowd, the percentage chance of your survival would decrease to minimal. That means you would have very fewer chances to survive now. But if you make the decision wisely and land at a place where there is not much crowd then that means you can easily survive till the end by killing those opponents and making your way inside the circle where it starts getting smaller and you keep approaching towards the last survival.

The control system of the rules of survival game comes with unique features. You can adjust the controls by your own. You can move your player with the help of the joystick pad apparently located on the right- or left-hand side of the screen depending upon your customized configuration. The most amazing features in this game is that you can collect weapons, dresses, bullets of the other enemies when they are dead. You just have to press the button which appears when you approach nearer to the bag of the other enemy. In the very same way, you can also open up the vehicles, weapons, boxes or doors by tapping on the button which appears on the screen when you approach nearer to them.

Rules of Survival for PC

Rules of survival game comes up to play in several different modes. You can choose the mode of your choice to play the game. There is no restriction that firstly you have to play such, and such mode and you will only qualify for the next mode once you complete this mode. The rule of this game is very simple that every player is responsible for himself and he has to survive himself from the other enemies and that is the key to success. In other modes, you can play in pairs or as a team which means that you would be able to help each other to survive till the last.

In this game, the game starts with players all separate apart on a single island. As soon the countdown finishes, the players start landing on their desired places from the plane and start hiding in different places such as homes, garages etc. They start looting the places and house to collect necessary weapons, bullets, sticks, bombs, grenades and other essential equipment which they would need in the battlefield. Moreover, the players have the chance to loot the enemies who they have killed and take all the ammunition and other stuff which is required.

Rules of survival allows you to play in different modes such as First-person mode and Third person mode. There is a random supply of airdrops which are dropped randomly at some point in the game and players can take the benefit from such airdrops by collecting the necessary equipment. Such airdrops are very helpful at times as they contain the most efficient and complex equipment which is a required necessity for any player to have them to win the game and survive till the end to earn the title trophy.

At the successful completion of the game, the player is rewarded with in-game currency based on the number of factors such as the total survival period of the game, the number of enemies killed by that person and at what level the player has played the game. Moreover, the earned currency can be used to purchase in-game material such as special equipment, clothes, glasses, shoes etc.

How to install Rules of Survival for PC & Mac

Rules of Survival with Bluestacks


Bluestacks's logo

  • You can download BlueStacks App player from our website.
  • Upon entering the official website of Blustacks, press the download button.
  • A new window would pop up, follow the instructions to download the emulator.
  • As the BLUESTACKS is downloaded, now it’s time to Install the BlueStacks player.
  • Double click on the installed application.
  • Now press the install button.
  • After successful installation, open the BLUESTACKS player.
  • Once the Bluestacks player is opened, type your desired name of the game you want to play in the top right corner of this player where search bar is located.
  • In the search bar, type ‘Rules of Survival’ and press enter.
  • A new window in Bluestacks player would pop up which would connect the Bluestacks player to the Google play.
  • Now press the Install button under the name of the game ‘rules of survival’ and wait for the game to get installed.
  • Simply press open after the installation.
  • CONGRATULATIONS! The game is successfully installed and be ready to enjoy the most amazing and thrilling game of all times.

Rules of Survival setup with Bluestacks

How to install the game with Nox

Rules of Survival with Nox


There are many popular emulators which can be used to play the game very efficiently and one of those players is NOX player. NOX player is another type of player which acts as a bridge between the google play and the windows. You can simply log in to the NOX player using your official google account login and password and you are ready to install the games on your laptop according to your own choice and desire.
The steps which are required to follow in order to install the game ‘rules of survival’ are as follow:
Nox's logo

  • Download NOX player from our website.
  • Once the NOX player is downloaded, Install the NOX player.
  • Go to desktop and double click on the NOX player and open the installed app.
  • After the NOX player is successfully opened, you can search in the search bar.
  • In the search bar, type ‘Rules of Survival’ and press enter.
  • A new window would open up upon pressing enter which would lead you to Google Play.
  • In the new window, press on the Install button and wait for the game ‘rules of survival’ to get it installed.
  • Now press the open button after the successful installation of the game.
  • Now you are ready to play the game and win the title trophy.

How to install the same using Memu

Rules of Survival with Memu
Rules of Survival is an action game which gives you different options in order to play the game using different emulators. Another option to play the game is to install it using MEMU emulator which is another trustworthy software for Android games. It is highly recommendable software that allows you to play these games using this software because this software has helped a lot to make the life of a gamer easier and provided a comfortable environment as it gives considerable options to play any games and enjoy the game without wasting their precious time.
The steps which are to be followed to install the game “Rules of Survival” are as follow:
Memu's logo

  • You can download MEMU emulator from your browser.
  • Press on the download button located in that website and wait for it to download.
  • Once the MEMU player is downloaded, press on Install to install the software.
  • To install the software, open the MEMU app from desktop by double click.
  • Press on the install button and let it install.
  • As the application is installed, open the MEMU player.
  • Select the language as English and press Next.
  • Now select the keyboard layout as English (US) and press Next.
  • This would lead you to Google Play option and would ask you to sign in.
  • Enter your email address and password to get logged in.
  • In the search bar, type “Rules of Survival” and press install to install the game.
  • After the game is installed, press the open button.
  • Now you are ready to enjoy the game.

The minimum requirement is 4.0 and above versions.

This game has been developed for those persons who like to play games in mobile. It is a 3D game where there are 120 players who do not have any arms. These players have been dropped in a vast island, which is deserted long time ago. The main aim of the game is to follow a map, collect weapons, vehicles, and other resource and fight the battle.

Availability of the game

The game is easily available for android and iOS mobiles Users can enter the game alone. If he wants to play in a group, he has to enter the game with four people. After entering the game, the next task that the players have to do is collection of weapon, armor and other resources available, which will help them in fighting. There is a circle, which deals with the damage done to the players. In order to prevent the circle from dealing, players have to move to the center of the circle. They will also not get damaged easily after reaching the center. All the four players can go at once to fight or some may wait and then go. Players will also get firearms and vehicles, which they can use in the fighting. While the game progresses, the players have upgrading options, which they can take from the game shop. This upgrading will give a new look to the character of the player.

Features of the game
There are many features of the game, which are as follows.

Battle royal combat
You have to fight till you become the last man in the island. You have to stay alive and fight by making strategies.

Solo and multiplayer game
You will have the option of playing the game either solo or with multiple players. You have to explore the map of the game and survive.

Weapons and their variety
Variety of weapons are available in the game and you can collect them and fight with the enemy. The weapons will be available all over the island. As you will travel according to the map, you will get new weapons for fighting.

Abandoned vehicles
There are many deserted vehicles, which you will find during the game. You can drive them quickly and go away from dangerous territories.

Massie Game Map
The island has many empty buildings and you can use them to make strategies and win the fights.

How to play the game

Rules on Survival on PC with Bluestacks
Now we will go step by step and see how the game is to be played.

Starting the game

Rules of survival is an adventurous game where you will find loot houses, strangers for fighting and many other things. Let us start the game.

  • Selecting a drop point
    You have to select a point where you want to land while travelling through your parachute. You have to land at such a place where you can get weapons to fight the enemy. If you will not be able to do so, you may get killed. There are different gears in the map and you have to find good places where you can land.
  • Hunting other players
    You have to gather weapons in order to combat with other players. You can find a lot of weapons in the buildings and houses. A wide variety of weans are available and you can get them to fight.
    Handgun is one of the best options but you should also have a rifle or other better weapons. Along with the guns, you should also have good amount of ammo. In the case of ammo, you have to leave those, which are not fit for the gun you have.
  • Keep moving
    Locations of the map will be changed if there is a bombardment. You have to leave the danger zone and get into the safe ones. Sprint locking is one of the options, which you can adopt. It will help you to get out of the danger zone. The sprint has to be tied on your body and you can move forward with its help.
    You can also find many vehicles for moving. You also have the option to jump on the passenger seat of another player who is driving the car. The vehicles will help you to move quickly across the map. You can also kill the enemies through the vehicle.
  • Danger zone
    Moving all the time may sometimes not be good as there are many danger zones in the game. If you will move in the field, you can become prey of other players. In such a case, you can hide inside the building. There are many windows in the building and you can peep out to see if somebody is coming near you.
    Always keep the doors closed and you will get a warning if someone will try to come inside. If you enter the building and find somebody hiding, you can attack him by grenades and gun and kill him.
  • Safety
    After entering the game, you can lay it alone or go with a squad of four people. Your team will give you a warring if it finds any danger. You have the option of setting up camps with the team. If the team has gone somewhere or is not around you, then be alert as grenades and bombs can kill you.
  • Steps of becoming a successful player

    Here are some of the steps, which you can follow to become successful.

      • Landing should be safe
        When the game starts, you have to jump from the plane and land on the deserted island through the parachute. It is safe to land near the buildings as this will bring you away from the competitors. In case of squad, you should always be with them.
      • Tools selection
        You have to select the tools before you go anywhere in the island as you may be attacked by the enemies. These tools are

        1. Guns
        2. Ammo
        3. Body armor
        4. Helmet
        5. Backpack

        Fighting will be very easy for you if you carry these items with you.

      • Fighting
        You have to be alert while roaming in the island and if you hear a gunshot, you should hide and check the location of the enemy. He may be firing from the building or anywhere else. If you doubt that he is in the buildings, throwing grenades is the best option. You will have to be very alert and try to move to the safe zone.
      • Locating a road
        There can be situations when safe zone is at a big distance. In such a case, look for a road which goes to safe zone. Keep walking until you find and vehicle like a car. You may have to run in the open, which will be very dangerous.
      • Reaching the safe zone
        After reaching the safe zone, make preparation for the next fight. There is no need to go into the open areas many times. In order to trap the enemies, fire randomly. You can hide yourself in the building and be ready with your gun.

    Playing with a team

    If you need to play on a team, it is easy because the island is a very dangerous place and managing it alone will not be a good choice. A team can have maximum four members.

        • Safety
          If you are a member of a team, you need to jump from the plane with your team. The group should move into a building and listen for gunshots. The teamwork will make it easy to fight and win the game.
        • Sharing weapons and other things
          In the case of solo game, you need to look for weapons and take as much of them as possible. Along with it, collect ammo, which are suitable for your gun. It is a first come first serve task so be alert. In the case of team game, one of the members can find the weapons and share it with the other members. Along with the gun, ammo and other things related to fighting must be shared among the team.
        • Being with each other
          Always check that all the members of the team are together. If somebody is left behind, look for him. Make sure that looking for him dies not risk your survival. This tactic should be used in the early part of the game as the team may not be in a position to fight due to any reason. Your partner will be safe if you come with a gun.
        • Travelling
          Vehicles will also be needed as you are moving with your team. In such a case, car will be a good option as all the members can sit in it comfortably. Bike may or may not be good as you have to make pairing with a partner and other two will have to pair on another bike.
          The driver of the car must be reliable and passenger seats should be equipped with automatic weapons. This will help in fighting he enemies while the car is being driven.
        • Ending the game
          You have to bewitch the team till the end of the game. In case, you die in the game, you can see what other team members doing to win the game. Your team may win or lose but if there are experienced players, winning possibilities will increase.

    Hunting the enemies

    Now we have got an idea of playing the game alone or with the team. We also know when to start fighting and when to wait for the enemies. The time has come to see how we can hunt the enemies Let us look at these steps one by one.

        • Ironclad defense
          There are many types of equipment that you can pick after landing and also during the game. Some of them may be weapons while others can be armor. You must collect body armors, helmet, and backpacks as they will be very use for protection. If you find any health pack, collect that also so that if you are injured due to firing, you can use it to recover and get back to fight.
        • Using weapons
          Rules of Survival is a game where you will find danger all around so you have to be very alert. You can run in open areas though it may be dangerous. There will be enemies who ma hide on the hillside. If you hear any gunshot, you can also hide behind the hillside and start fighting until all the enemies near you are killed. You can also hide in the tall grass and wait for the enemy.
        • Hiding inside a building
          There is no need to roam in open areas if other players are nearby. In such a case, you will have to hide in a building and fire from there when needed. You have to find such a building in which there are a lot of windows. This will help in keeping an eye on the enemy and you can also fire if the enemy is nearby. You can guess about an enemy by hearing footsteps or hearing the sound f the engine. If you have a doubt that enemies may be hiding inside a building, throwing grenades is the best option. The grenade can be thrown on the windows, front door and back door.
        • Positioning yourself
          You can hide in the tall grasses and it will be difficult for the enemies to see you. If you hear any gunshots, you can reply them by firing. There is an orange icon on top of the screen in the compass. This makes easy to locate the enemies and fire them.
        • Getting supplies
          Always hiding in a building is not a good idea as there are chances that supplies fall from parachute. In such a case, you can wait for the enemy as they may come and collect them. In such a case, you can open fire and kill them.

    Wrapping Up

    These are some of the tactics, which you can apply to win the game. The game is tough and it is better to play with a team rather than playing alone.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

    Rules on Survival on PC

      • Is the game available for ios?
        Yes, the game is available on the ios operating system.
      • Minimum ios version needed?
        the requirement for ios is 9.0 or above.
      • Is this game available for any other operating system other than windows and mac?
      • Is this game available for windows phone, chromecast, ps4, and xbox?
      • What is paid in the game?
        Every type of combos including up to date weapons, clothes, shoes etc.
      • Can the game be played in solo mode or not?
        Yes, it can be played in solo mode as well as in pairs or group of teams.
      • How many opponents are there in a team mode?
        There are 300 players in total and the last one to survive is the winner.
      • Are the weapons in the game free or we have to buy them?
        Most of the weapons are free and you can find them scattered all over the island but some extra efficient power packs and paid and you have to pay in order to use them.
      • Is the game available on ps4?
        No, it is not available on ps4.
      • How much worth is the in-app purchases?
        The in-app purchases can range from usd 1 to usd 99 per item
      • What is the downloading size of the game?
        The download size of the game is 57 m.